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Solving the Catch-22 of Volunteer Programs with Measurement

October 22, 2014
Among the things that we, as nonprofit professionals, have to cram into our day, tracking and measurement generally sit pretty close to the top of the “I know it’s important but I never have time for it” pile. Don’t deny it. If only we had more time, we could implement all of the awesome strategies and tactics we learn by reading the NTEN Blog!

Measure what Matters

October 16, 2014
How can nonprofit organizations know what is working, what is not, and what impact they are making? They can achieve this understanding by implementing a realistic and meaningful evaluation system.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Kelly Fitzsimmons on a New Blueprint for Evaluation Plans

October 9, 2014
In a recent guest article, Michael D. Smith described the White House's Social Innovation Fund (SIF), which has developed a new program evaluation guide based on best practices. This Transparency Talk conducted an online interview with Kelly Fitzsimmons of The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) focuses on learning how the new framework provided by the Social Innovation Fund can be adapted for use in assessing foundation program impact.

Evidence = Funding: A new blueprint for evaluation plans

October 8, 2014
Tiered-evidence programs take the approach that there is a continuum of evidence, ranging from preliminary to strong, and that programs move along this continuum. The Social Innovation Fund, one of the first of these tiered evidence initiatives, is committed to investing in evidence and evaluation that help prove and improve promising models.

Outcomes Thinking: How to Measure Your Success

October 3, 2014
Performance management is the discipline of making good decisions with data; it is the foundation for outcomes management. Outcomes management is the science of managing to stewarding specific social results and helping you understand whether your programs and services are effectively contributing to your underlying mission. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Last-Mile Impact Measurement: Mobile is the Way

April 14, 2014
Why use scissors to cut the grass when you can use a lawn mower? In the world of impact measurement with remote beneficiaries, mobile is the new lawn mower. Four nonprofits are leading the way in leveraging mobile technology to hear directly from remote beneficiaries. While each has a very different mission, all have the shared goal of hearing directly from their beneficiaries about whether their work is working, and mobile enables them to do it.

Draw Me a Story: A Recipe for Effective Infographics

February 12, 2013
With 24/7 internet access on smartphones and tablets, folks these days are drowning in information. As screens and attention spans shrink, so too must our content. In the past couple years, blog posts have given way to Facebook updates, Tumblrs, and tweets. And the meteoric rise of Instagram and Pinterest shows that people are weary of words and hungry for eye candy. Turns out, there is a scientific explanation for our love of visuals.