Topic: Organizational Culture

Nonprofit Data: The Case of Neighbors, Inc.

January 7, 2013
With a $1 million budget, Neighbors, Inc., runs a food shelf that serves more than 400 families a month, a secondhand clothing store and 14 other programs that reach a variety of clientele with services aimed at reducing poverty, promoting self-sufficiency and building community. The various programs offer a number of opportunities to collect and track data to better manage services and improve outcomes, and the nonprofit wisely decided to take advantage of those opportunities by hiring a director of development with a passion—and a mandate—for data.

How to Encourage a Knowledge Sharing Culture

June 26, 2012
Social media cannot thrive in silos. What is happening online affects the entire organization, not just the marketing department, or the development team, or top management. And while social media use has penetrated the nonprofit sector in a meaningful way, reports and activities are usually not shared throughout the organization. The result is a lack of organizational buy-in, misunderstanding of the benefit of digital engagement, missed opportunities, and role confusion. Instead of siloing information, turn it around. Knowledge sharing results in stronger organizations that have a broader knowledge base about its online stakeholders and a wide net of useful information to meet organizational goals.

Women Leaders Needed in STEM Fields

June 12, 2012
Women are gaining numbers in traditionally male dominated fields, but we are still significantly outnumbered in STEM occupations. Getting talented women into male-dominated careers is one struggle; keeping them is another. The issue is especially apparent in STEM careers, which is extremely important to the global economy. Attracting and retaining more women in STEM careers will help tremendously to improve diversity, maximize creativity, and boost competitiveness.