Topic: Mobile

How to Plan a Mobile App Project

April 18, 2014
Over the past four years, I've worked on more than a dozen native apps for iOS. In this article, I'll share a few insights gained through my work on three nonprofit apps:

Connecting Healthcare to Underserved Communities with Crowdfunding & Mobile

April 17, 2014
In Nepal, an estimated 75 infants and 12 women die in childbirth every day, many of them needlessly due to inadequate care. The problem isn’t care. It’s coordination. Learn how Hope Phones by Medic Mobile and Samahope are partnering to further One Heart World-Wide's mission to ensure that more women give birth safely.

Mobile for Good: How Mobile Wallets Will Transform Fundraising

April 16, 2014
More than any other mobile payment processing technology, mobile wallets have the greatest possibility for transforming fundraising, but the technology and its implications are not well understood in the nonprofit sector. Learn more about opportunities for nonprofits in this excerpt from the new book, Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits.

4 Ways to Max Your Mobile for Diverse Demographics

April 15, 2014
Minorities, young people, professionals, moms, dads, commuters, grocery shoppers, travelers … anyone who is on the go or at least not behind a computer at every moment appreciates the accessibility and beauty of design thinking that is mobile-friendly from the get-go. Our shifting demographics in the U.S. are driving a rapid increase in mobile use. International audiences may have better mobile access than desktop Internet. It’s now a given that websites need to be responsive for different-sized devices or at least mobile-friendly in order to reach diverse audiences.

Is it “Mobile First” or “Content First”?

April 15, 2014
“Mobile first!” It’s a phrase we often hear … but what exactly does it mean for your organization? Do you redesign your website to be responsive? Build a standalone mobile app? And—no matter what—how can you execute “mobile first” without compromising your messages and calls to action?

Last-Mile Impact Measurement: Mobile is the Way

April 14, 2014
Why use scissors to cut the grass when you can use a lawn mower? In the world of impact measurement with remote beneficiaries, mobile is the new lawn mower. Four nonprofits are leading the way in leveraging mobile technology to hear directly from remote beneficiaries. While each has a very different mission, all have the shared goal of hearing directly from their beneficiaries about whether their work is working, and mobile enables them to do it.

Is it Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-Optimized?

April 11, 2014
There is a huge difference between “mobile-friendly” and “mobile-optimized” sites.  An easy-to-complete donation form experience allows users to give again–and hopefully become loyal, repeat donors, while a frustrating experience could lead them to never try again. Ever.

How Women Lead the Trend Towards Social Media Use via Mobile

April 11, 2014
The latest studies on social media demographics show what we’ve already known for a long time: women dominate social media use. Consolidating data from the studies by Pew, Nielsen, and Burst Media, a recently published infographic compared how men and women are changing the social media landscape. Two critical things caught our attention: more women access social media via mobile and they drive more traffic to visually-oriented social websites.