Topic: Leadership

Going First: The first step to transformational leadership starts with taking it

June 11, 2014
If we think about the idea of leadership as being at the front of the line, we find both opportunity and obligation. The fact is, there is always something we can do to lead those around us, whether it means articulating values, clarifying vision, reinforcing behavior, confronting problems, or simply encouraging people around us. And if there’s always something we can do, there’s always something we should do.

Strategic Leadership: What a Nonprofit Leader Really Needs to Know about IT

June 5, 2013
Just about every time I meet with a nonprofit executive to discuss some technology project, within the first few minutes I hear: “I’m not a technology person.” But who is? Why don’t we hear “I’m not an accountant” or “I’m not an expert in evaluation” or “I’m not an expert in governance”? Many executives don’t approach management and leadership in these areas with the same trepidation as they do technology. And yet the same skills that make any leader effective are appropriate to managing technology.