Topic: Leadership

When Millennials Take Over: How to Prepare Your Nonprofit For the Future of Business

January 13, 2015
The Revolutionary War. The Civil War. The Great Depression and World War II. And now the Millenials. Every four generations brings a significant generational transition. Is your nonprofit ready?

How and Where to Get Started with Business Intelligence

January 12, 2015
Infographics and data visualizations are everywhere. Your board and colleagues are sending you articles with charts and recommending you do things based on a tweet and a cool graph. Like everyone, you like these sparkly visualizations, but you hesitate to make changes to your organization based on a few interactive circle graphs. What can you do and how will this add value?

Helping Youth Find Their Tech Genius: This year with iUrban Teen

December 10, 2014
According to Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." To his point, there are many people who are brilliant but aren’t encouraged to see themselves as such. At the core of the iUrban Teen programs is the desire to create opportunities and environments where youth can find, appreciate, and grow their genius. We do this by exposing youth to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art (STEM and Arts) through experiential learning workshops.

2014 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report

July 21, 2014
This report examines technology staffing levels, technology budgets, overall organizational approach to technology decisions, as well as technology oversight and management practices.

Inclusion in Action: A Path to Tech Leadership

June 19, 2014

There are many ways to approach technology leadership. For some, it’s about recognizing and putting to use the latest and greatest technologies. For others, it’s about taking a thought leadership position and leveraging that position to speak at prominent tech conferences, or embracing a set of ideals and finding open source alternatives to address your technical needs. The most exciting development in tech leadership right now is the emerging movement towards greater inclusion in the technology space.

Going First: The first step to transformational leadership starts with taking it

June 11, 2014
If we think about the idea of leadership as being at the front of the line, we find both opportunity and obligation. The fact is, there is always something we can do to lead those around us, whether it means articulating values, clarifying vision, reinforcing behavior, confronting problems, or simply encouraging people around us. And if there’s always something we can do, there’s always something we should do.