Topic: Leadership

The 18th Issue of NTEN: Change is out – “Organizational Effectiveness at Scale”

July 1, 2015
The 18th issue of NTEN: Change explores what organizations are doing to be more effective, and the actions that they're taking to scale up.

3 Days Left: Tips & Inspiration for Submitting your 16NTC Session Ideas

June 23, 2015
Whether you’ve thought about it for weeks and are crafting the perfect submission, or just got wind of this opportunity - the deadline is the same: Friday, June 26.

Five Can’t-Miss NPTech Opportunities

June 4, 2015
Did you miss the news? There's a lot going on, and we don't want you to miss out!

Our Hiring Practices Are Inequitable and Need To Change

May 22, 2015
We have been relying heavily on the for-profit world’s hiring model, which has not been aligned with our sector-wide values of equity and community. It leaves out too many good people, and it is time that we as a field examine and change how we hire people.

Join us in DC! Apply for a 15LCS Scholarship

May 18, 2015
The 2015 Leading Change Summit is coming up, and we want you to attend! We understand the financial commitment to attend the summit, and thanks to our amazing Community Champions who helped to raise funds for registration scholarships, we are able to offer 25 of these opportunities.  

16NTC Session Submissions Now Open

May 18, 2015
It's that time again to start the process of gathering session proposals from the NTEN Community to help inform the program for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (16NTC) in San Jose, California on March 23-25. So whether you have a few sessions you would like to present or some great ideas to suggest for community voting and have others present, we want to hear from you!

Helping Your Board Collaborate

May 4, 2015
A nonprofit’s board of directors requires a lot of collaboration—with other board members, committee members, and organizational staff. That collaborative work requires the ability to review, comment on, and even vote on an enormous amount of material. Everyone involved wants that information to be easily accessible, readable, and actionable. The burden often falls on your staff.

Tech Is Everyone’s Job

March 24, 2015
Let’s face it: It’s 2015. Technology is a central part of how we do our work, communicate, and even fundraise. The idea that technology – from decisions to training and even testing new tools – would be something reserved for a single staff person or department doesn’t simply meet the needs we have as organizations anymore.

The Impact of the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness Program: Luann Algoso

March 21, 2015
Last year, NTEN launched the first cohort for the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness (ONTR) program. We want to introduce you to Luann Algoso, Communications and Special Projects Coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, to share her answers to some of our questions.

When and How to Communicate a Technology Rollout Plan

March 16, 2015
New technology often brings with it a sense of optimism. Perhaps information will be centralized, communication easier, time and money saved, or mundane tasks automated. But a few months later, data quality hasn’t improved, processes remain inefficient and only half your staff is using the product.