Topic: Fundraising

I Could Be Your Next Monthly Donor. So Call Me, Maybe?

January 11, 2013
Monthly sustaining donors...they're the best! Stable, reliable, predictable, rain or shine. What's not to freaking love? Of course, you want 'em. But how do you get 'em? How do you convince your one-time givers to take the plunge and make that long-term commitment?

Free Supporters (No, Really!)

January 8, 2013
Let me paint a dream scenario for you: your goal is to grow your email list by 50,000 supporters in 2013. So, you simply ask your boss for a cool $100,000, hit up some paid acquisition vendors, run a few paid campaigns, upload your new buys and then take off the rest of the year to travel around the world because your job is done. Sounds pretty great, right?

The Fundraising Cliff, Part 2

January 3, 2013
In Part 1, I reviewed some of the common theories around why overall fundraising is flat. It turns out that many opinions about what is happen aren't based on actual data. Now I want to explore what is really happening based on data.

The Fundraising Cliff, Part 1

January 2, 2013
Over the past few months I've been asked a lot of questions about giving trends: What explains the flat trend in overall fundraising? Is it the economy? Was it the election cycle? What about Hurricane Sandy? Are we approaching the fundraising cliff? Will it get better? When will it get better? Did the Mayans predict this?

Getting Intimate with Your Donors: Fundraising Trends of 2012

December 4, 2012
If you ask me, nonprofits will remember 2012 as a year when communities connected and mobilized with newfound moxie. With the help of data-informed personalization, online agility, and personality-driven movements, we saw big donations and big changes happening all over the place. Here's my take.

Smart QR Codes Capture the Inspiration to Give

November 19, 2012
Nonprofits work hard to to create the inspiration to give. Maybe it's a special performance or dinner, perhaps it's the personal story someone delivers one-on-one during a fund-raising drive or just the simple pleasure that comes from visiting an exhibit, park or recreational area operated by a nonprofit organization.

Dream Big, Start Small — 8 Ways to Go Digital at Your Charity

November 13, 2012
So you want to know how to do it? You really think you’re ready? This one ain’t for the faint of heart – we’re about to get really digital, really fast. I want you to dream big. Don’t just say you’re ‘going to take it to next level’, be proactive and do it.

2012 Nonprofit Donor Engagement Study

November 9, 2012
NTEN partnered with Charity Dynamics to conduct the 2012 Nonrprofit Donor Engagement Study. This donor-focused study gathered feedback from consumers spanning a wide range of giving levels ($25 - $5,000+) who donated to a nonprofit in the past 12 months. Survey questions sought to understand understand individuals' preferences regarding traditional and digital media for donating, volunteering, and engaging with nonprofits. > Download the study online here.

What is the Funder’s Role in Supporting Good Measurement?

October 19, 2012
"Data Scientist" is a newly defined job that requires being part data geek, analyst, communicator, visualizer, storyteller, and interpreter. This individual works with program experts to apply what is learned from the data. But they have also made data literacy an essential competency for everyone in the organization. The result is a shift from ad hoc data analysis and simple (though detailed) record-keeping to a systematic approach to improving their programs and campaigns by using data.

Microsites for Nonprofit Fundraisers

July 20, 2012
A fundraising microsite is a dedicated website where nonprofit organizations can share information about an upcoming fundraising campaign, manage participant registrations, collect donations online, and more. Utilizing a microsite can not only make hosting an online fundraising campaign easier for the organizers, but also provide a place for participants, volunteers, sponsors and community members to engage. A microsite also allows administrators to collect and store information from sponsors, donors, participants, and volunteers, as well as create various reports to determine how successful the fundraising campaign was executed in order to improve planning in future campaigns.