Topic: Fundraising

Nonprofit Branding – Through Your Website, and Beyond

July 8, 2013

An organization’s brand is everything it stands for - its vision and values, and the emotional connotations it inspires in everyone who comes in contact with it. With all the focus on social media, multi-channel campaigns, and mobile technology, we may have let slip to the back burner some key reminders of how your website plays an anchor role in your nonprofit's brand.

Mobile Giving 101: Why Mobile Is an Important Part of Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

April 5, 2013
Research shows that by 2014 mobile device usage will exceed that of desktop and laptop computers. What does this mean for nonprofit organizations and online fundraising campaigns? In order to keep participants, sponsors, and supporters continually engaged, nonprofits should integrate mobile giving as part of their fundraising strategies. How does mobile giving help your fundraising campaign?

2013 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study

March 27, 2013
It's kind of our favorite time of year: our annual dose of data about email and online advocacy and fundraising activity. With the analytics and campaign expertise of M+R Strategic Services, we are excited to release the 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study

A Bad Test Is Worse Than No Test at All

February 13, 2013
It's a simple fact that, due to budget and resource limitations, we have to draw a line somewhere between the "ideal" email marketing practices and the batch-and-blast cure all method.  We know that we should strive for the ideal, but quite frankly we have other responsibilities, too. This, sadly, is when we start leaning on "good enough" or "the best we can do."  We look to get something out the door and move on.  If we're really ambitious, we'll even try to do a partial test swapping out an image or a line of copy, breathe a sigh of relief that we tested something, and move on to the next crisis. This is the worst thing we could do.

Beyond Like and Follow: Engaging Nonprofit Supporters Through Social Media

February 8, 2013
So far, most nonprofits have responded to the challenge by including social media as just another outreach tool in a crowded kit that includes direct mail, PSAs, personal outreach, and more. But social media isn't just another channel. It's a full-fledged platform for audience engagement that facilitates increasing levels of participation over a period of time—that is, if organizations can move beyond the paradigm of "like," "follow" "share" and "tweet," and begin building a brand experience that creates a deeper connection that allows nonprofits to innovate around their audience.

The Cost of Out of Date Donor Information

February 5, 2013
If your communications with your constituents are in any way inaccurate, that is what they remember. Not your message. Having clean and accurate data doesn't just leave a good impression, it allows your mission and message to come through loud and clear. Whether it be mailings that are regularly returned because of incorrect addresses that never get updated in the database, or board members that have requested the same salutation correction more than once, nonprofit organizations are at the mercy of their data cleanliness – no matter how strong their CRM or donor management strategy and system is.

I Could Be Your Next Monthly Donor. So Call Me, Maybe?

January 11, 2013
Monthly sustaining donors...they're the best! Stable, reliable, predictable, rain or shine. What's not to freaking love? Of course, you want 'em. But how do you get 'em? How do you convince your one-time givers to take the plunge and make that long-term commitment?