Topic: Evaluation

Outcomes Thinking: How to Measure Your Success

October 3, 2014
Performance management is the discipline of making good decisions with data; it is the foundation for outcomes management. Outcomes management is the science of managing to stewarding specific social results and helping you understand whether your programs and services are effectively contributing to your underlying mission. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits

January 19, 2014
What happens when nonprofits make a real commitment to collect healthy data about their programs and operations; manage it well; and make savvy, data-informed decisions? And what happens when you connect energized, smart, data-passionate nonprofit professionals for a year of learning and knowledge sharing?

Testing Is Cheaper Than Getting It Wrong!

December 11, 2013

Year in, year out, nonprofits are using every available online tactic and tool to make real change. In fact, nonprofits are often on the cutting edge of web technology, using new tools and tactics always looking for new ways to build support for their movements and to cultivate and convert those supporters into donors. But not every new tactic works, and it's critical that nonprofits have short feedback loops to figure out what's working and where to allocate resources.

A critical component in this is a kick-ass testing strategy–a simple, quick, and free mechanism of obtaining qualitative feedback on what's working. Testing removes your biases and guesswork to deliver a set of results which will improve online engagement and convert your audience from leads to dedicated action takers. Numbers don't lie!