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NTEN Case Study: Engaging Community from the Cloud to Conference Ballroom (and Back)

May 16, 2013
Keane joined NTEN in 2012 and has worked as a community manager in the nonprofit sector for several years. "It's about making that personal connection and getting community members to talk to one another -- online and off -- and not just one-to-one, but one-to-many," she said. And though the Cloud helps foster a sense of community in a number of ways, it also "isn't foolproof," said Keane. "The Cloud is such a buzzword, but it's a tool like everything else. You can't use it without keeping those principles, and your mission, in mind. And," she added, "the Cloud breaks; it is not always your friend."

NTEN Case Study: Managing Systems and Documents in the Cloud

May 14, 2013
When IT Director Karl Hedstrom joined NTEN in 2006, a few employees had been working remotely, thanks to the Cloud. "Going forward we kept looking for those solutions because, with our size and capacity, the Cloud always managed to be the better option," Hedstrom said. Today, roughly one-third of the 13-member full-time staff work outside NTEN's Portland, OR, headquarters.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is Finally Here – And a Viable Option for Nonprofits

May 13, 2013

Desktops take up an inordinate amount of most nonprofits’ time. They are a constant drain on resources that could be better spent addressing actual problems. For a while now we’ve been hearing about the end of this grind, the death of the “physical desktop.” But this, like the “paperless office,” will almost certainly never come entirely to fruition. We are, however, beginning to see the emergence of a new class of technologies that promise to simplify the administration and maintenance of office computing– Virtual Desktops.

Moving to the Cloud: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

May 10, 2013

I had decided in early 2011 that moving our small company from a physical office space to the cloud would be good for our business in a variety of ways: allow us to employ and contract with top-of-the-line workers and take advantage of cutting edge technologies for both internal and external communications and operations. And because I travel so much (my husband is a composer, so we’re always going hither and yon for performances, residencies, etc.) and had learned how to work efficiently from almost anywhere, it seemed like a smart move.  Making the decision was fairly easy, the reasons straight-forward, but implementing it proved to be a combination of amazingly simple to disturbingly complex. 

Let me share with you what I now refer to as the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Case Study of AJWS: Organizational Culture in the Cloud

May 9, 2013

Director of IT Rose Fremery said there was always a disconnect between staff expectations about the implementation of new technology and the reality of implementing new technology at her organization, the American Jewish World Service—and that disconnect persisted once the organization started moving toward Cloud-based solutions.

With the advent of Cloud solutions, which are often “invisible” to staff, in that they’re offsite and don’t require physical boxes and cables and software installations, that disconnect widened.

Moving Your Database to the Cloud: Key Considerations to Prepare Your Move

May 8, 2013

Over the last few years my organization has migrated close to 500 nonprofits to the cloud -- from very small nonprofit organizations (sometimes all-volunteer-based) to large national institutions. It does not matter if you are small or big or if you are moving to the cloud to manage your donors, volunteers, dogs, cats, or trees: there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here are my top ten (and a bonus one at the end).

Managing Your Constituents in the Cloud

May 7, 2013

Many of us take “the cloud” for granted. We’ve grown accustomed to having anywhere, anytime access to our data and systems. But while surveys – such as NTEN’s The State of the Nonprofit Cloud Report (released in 2012) – suggest that the “vast majority of nonprofits are using hosted software,” many nonprofits and membership organizations have yet to move to the cloud.

What’s holding them back?

Nonprofit Innovation and the Cloud

May 6, 2013

Recently NTEN posed an interesting question to us: Is there a connection between cloud technology and innovation in nonprofit organizations? There’s no doubt that many organizations are using cloud technologies in innovative ways. But, more specifically, what links might we find between the unique aspects of cloud technology, and the conditions and success factors for innovation? This article explores that question.

Google Drive as an Organizational Document Management System: an NTEN Case Study

February 22, 2013
While it's no secret that most people love spending their extra time elbow deep in their Internal Document Management Systems, tweaking things until everything is just right, I still do hear of the occasional fringe case where an organization is just trying to figure out the best way forward, as old policies and methods no longer match up with new systems and technologies. In all seriousness though, I see examples everyday where small issues with our own internal document management system can easily spiral into much larger issues of lost productivity, duplicated work, or conflicting messages, and I'm guessing NTEN is not alone in this.