Topic: Training

Campaign Learning from Miami to Chicago

July 24, 2015
We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with a rockin’ group of organizations and working with Rachael Ahrens, Senior Interactive Consultant with Blackbaud, in Miami for one of our Campaign Lab events. This being my first time visiting Miami, I learned more than a few things about the community.

Beyond the Thank You Card: Meaningful volunteer appreciation

May 15, 2015
Effective recognition is a big deal when it comes to ensuring volunteers feel like they're a part of your nonprofit or organization. When I say “recognition,” I’m not just talking about thanking volunteers, although that’s essential, too. What I mean by recognition is the act of being acknowledged or appreciated or even seen.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Learning Management System

August 15, 2014
With the rise in popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online learning technologies and practices have moved into the mainstream; nonprofits are building e-learning sites to expand service reach, improve service quality, and reduce training costs. Building an e-learning site entails pulling several systems and tools together to deliver a smooth online experience for learners. At the heart of an e-learning site is a learning management system, or LMS.

For a Successful Website Redesign Project, Focus on Outcomes First

July 17, 2014
Every successful project starts with a solid plan. In my experience, solid planning can be attributed to two factors: Educating decision-makers and accurately setting expectations.

Reflections on Drupal Day: Creating a One-Size-Fits-All Day for Nonprofit Professionals and Technologists

March 26, 2014
How do you create a one-size-fits-all day for a large group of people, both nonprofit professionals and technologists, with a wide range of technical competency levels? I spent the last four months preparing for Drupal Day, a Drupal-centric, day-long workshop that ThinkShout coordinates as part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Here are my key takeaways for those looking to dive into Drupal.

NTA for Arts: Artist Trust

May 8, 2013
Based in Seattle, Artist Trust supports and encourages artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout the state of Washington. That can be difficult at times, since the state is large, with many remote areas. It's not uncommon for artists in rural areas to have to drive long distances simply to access the Internet.

NTA for Arts: Britannia Mine Museum

April 25, 2013
With a recent $14.7 million redevelopment project completed in 2010, the Britannia Mine Museum is undergoing tremendous growth. Established in 1971 to preserve the history of and educate the public about mining in British Columbia, the museum encourages visitors to explore their individual and societal connections to the past, present, and future regional mining industry.

NTA for Arts: Emanuel Arts Council

April 25, 2013
Since its founding 38 years ago, the Emanuel Arts Council (EAC) has worked to provide art and cultural activities and arts education to enrich the lives and economic well being of local citizens. Housed in a renovated church building in rural Swainsboro, Georgia, the EAC has one part-time paid employee, its executive director, Jen Meadows.

Nonprofit Film School Primer: Or, The Idealware School of Video for Nonprofits Who Don’t Video Good (Part 2)

February 6, 2013
If you follow the basic principles of video production, and know how and when to use certain equipment, you can avoid such common mistakes as shaky video, poor lighting, inaudible audio, and boring scenes that make videos look amateurish and cut through the crowd of bad cat videos. In the first post, we looked at how to compose and light your videos. This time we look at how to improve the audio—and, more importantly, the content.