Topic: Training

The Future of Capacity-Building is Collaborative

May 23, 2016
What is the most effective way to increase capacity through training? Collaborative learning!

How to Be a Wizard at Tech Training Design and Delivery

May 20, 2016
How four teachers taught people how to teach tech. A meta article of wizardly proportions!

Hour of Code = Hour of Awesome!

January 5, 2016
Coming to the NTC? Good stuff. Do you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Great. Then you should attend the "Hour of Code" workshop to learn how stuff works, like our smartphones and the software that runs them.

Technology Failing Is Not Your Problem: A Case Study

December 29, 2015
Organizations of all missions and sizes come together throughout the year to share their tech challenges, successes, and dreams with other NTEN Lab participants. We asked Birgit Pauli-Haack, from NPTechProjects, to answer a few of our questions and share her organization's relationship to nonprofit technology.

Why IT People Need to Know a Little Bit About Marketing

November 14, 2015
When IT staff understand the business case for marketing technology--such as how a marketing automation tool could supercharge outreach efforts, thereby extending the organization’s educational mission—they can help ensure that the necessary technology investments are made. This applies not only to marketing, but also to any function or department that the IT department supports.

Take the Learning to the Learner: Let them learn their way

October 20, 2015
The micro-learning for teens with IBD project was one that literally fell into my lap one day. As the eLearning Project Lead at Mount Sinai Hospital, I often receive emails, phone calls, and office drop-ins with all manner of questions in regards to education, learning, and educational technologies. On this day in January of 2015, I welcomed a perplexed Nurse Coordinator from our IBD program who wasn’t sure if she was in the right place. We discussed how I might be able to assist.

Digital Badge Systems for Professional Development

October 16, 2015
Open digital badges were designed to showcase skills and accomplishments. Similar forms of rewards have been around for centuries in the form of ribbons, arm badges, and buttons. This concept has been digitalized in small icons, called badges, and are used to showcase skills online.

Our Next Webinar Platform: What do you think?

September 10, 2015
We certainly have a few things on our list of needs and wants for a new online learning platform, but what would be on your list?

Campaign Learning from Miami to Chicago

July 24, 2015
We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with a rockin’ group of organizations and working with Rachael Ahrens, Senior Interactive Consultant with Blackbaud, in Miami for one of our Campaign Lab events. This being my first time visiting Miami, I learned more than a few things about the community.