Topic: System Integration

Invest in your org’s tech: Tech Accelerate Community Call and grants available this spring

April 16, 2019
NTEN and The Forbes Funds announce additional support for you to evaluate your technology, get direct, expert advice from community members, and apply for a small grant to begin your improvements.

Six steps to implement your client tracking database

November 1, 2018
Ready to find a new data system and vendor partner? Before you start, taking stock of several key factors will ensure your path to implementation is smooth and successful.

How to prepare for CRM demos

October 2, 2018
Selecting the right CRM software for your organization is critical in managing your data and keeping your processes on track. CRM demos are an excellent opportunity to test out the options, as long as you put some thought in your specific needs, wants, and expectations ahead of time.

Tech Accelerate

October 26, 2017
Created by NTEN in partnership with The Forbes Funds, Tech Accelerate puts a decade of data and evaluation into a simple-to-use assessment, report, and benchmarking tool for the nonprofit sector.

Why #GivingTuesday 2017 is the year for peer-to-peer fundraising

September 15, 2017
This year, you can leverage peer-to-peer fundraising to meet not only your #GivingTuesday goals, but to reach new supporters and increase your year-end giving overall.

Becoming a Digital-First Organization

May 19, 2016
We still hear far too many organizations obsessing about specific channel approaches. This narrow vision must be replaced by bigger-picture, multi-channel engagement goals in order to position an organization for long-term success. It’s critical for nonprofits to embrace a more modern, durable model if they’re going to stay relevant.

Dear Educators: How to Get the Data You Have to Work for You

March 24, 2016
The data we hold are often considered the keys to success: if we can just use data to tell stories and support our goals, we’ll win that grant, manage the board better, respond in real time, and better understand the ebb and flow of our programs. Yet effective data use is also one of the biggest challenges organizations meet: how to trust it, build transparency, support the stories that need telling, and make sure the right people have access to it, over many years.

An Eleven Step Program to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome

January 13, 2016
Are major technology decisions at your organization characterized by any of the following six red flags?

A Note About Those Notes

May 22, 2015
For a number of years at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), we have created collaborative notes for each of the sessions. This is a Google Doc that anyone can access and contribute to before, during, or after the session. We have found it adds great value for those who attended and also for folks who, for whatever reason, couldn’t attend that particular session.

When Should You Use an Existing Tool/Service and When Should You Build Your Own?

March 18, 2015
When it comes to web technology, there are solutions for just about everything. Do you need CRM, online fundraising, discussion forums, social networks, or job listings? You can likely find a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to sign up for, a license to purchase, or open source solution to download all that offer complete working solutions to use "out of the box" to address your need. How do you know when to use what someone else has built to do the job you need or whether it may be time to build something of your own?