Topic: Strategy

You CAN Capture Lightning in a Bottle: Meaningful Strategic Impact Measurement

March 26, 2014
The metrics that matter most are those that tell you if your strategy is helping you meet your organization’s overall goals. Yet, measuring that impact is complex and complicated with lots of tools, numbers, and moving targets to wrangle. I want organizations to get control of the powerful lightning that is strategic measurement.

NTEN Case Study: Financial Management in the Cloud

June 3, 2013
When Jill Farrow, now NTEN's chief financial and operating officer, first toured the organization's Portland, OR, offices, she noticed something conspicuous in its absence. Puzzled, she turned to then executive director Holly Ross, who was giving her the tour and asked, "Where are the servers?"

Social Media & the 3 Rs: Content Strategy Basics for Engaging Volunteers

February 15, 2013
From designing volunteer opportunities, to recruiting new volunteers, to creating risk management policies, to screening volunteers, to recognizing great supporters…there are a lot of elements to successfully engaging volunteers with your organization. And not all of them easily translate to the social media realm. The big question is, why should you engage volunteers via social media? And another thing: How can you harness your content to work for you while doing so? Here’s my rationale for bringing together your social media and volunteer engagement strategies, and a few simple ideas for making it all work:

Said It Once? Now Say It 1,000 Times

February 14, 2013
Supporters communicate with your nonprofit through multiple channels but engage differently with content depending on its delivery method. You must not only create a compelling message, but also optimize it so that it is received effectively across multiple channels frequently enough to resonate with your audience. In “How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters,” Mal Warwick describes how he tested different lengths for the letter used in a direct mail campaign. He determined that the longer the letter, the more successfully the piece performed. Try this approach with email or social media, however, and your audience will tune you out.