Topic: Staffing

Digital Badge Systems for Professional Development

October 16, 2015
Open digital badges were designed to showcase skills and accomplishments. Similar forms of rewards have been around for centuries in the form of ribbons, arm badges, and buttons. This concept has been digitalized in small icons, called badges, and are used to showcase skills online.

2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report

September 28, 2015
Now in our ninth year of collecting and reporting on these nonprofit technology spending and practices data, this research provides valuable benchmarks to help you assess and plan your technology budgets and strategies, and considers the nonprofit sector as a whole to gauge the maturity and effectiveness of technology strategies and use.

Working with Distributed Teams

July 9, 2015
Information technology (and especially the Internet) have helped to remove geographic barriers that once defined working teams. Organizations of all sizes are finding that the benefits of distributed teams outweigh the risks and weaknesses.

Our Hiring Practices Are Inequitable and Need To Change

May 22, 2015
We have been relying heavily on the for-profit world’s hiring model, which has not been aligned with our sector-wide values of equity and community. It leaves out too many good people, and it is time that we as a field examine and change how we hire people.

What Does Organizational Behavior Have to Do with Nonprofit Technology? Everything!

March 31, 2015
Defender! Analyzer! Prospector! Reactor! Could this be a new set of superheroes? Well, sort of. In an organizational context, it is a set of descriptors for the strategic approaches organizations use to make plans and decisions. In some organizations, those approaches are fueled by behaviors that are akin to superpowers. I’d like to introduce you to four strategy typologies and share with you how knowing your strategy typology and its accompanying organizational behavior superpowers can help your organization become a superhero in aligning technology with its mission.

Tech Is Everyone’s Job

March 24, 2015
Let’s face it: It’s 2015. Technology is a central part of how we do our work, communicate, and even fundraise. The idea that technology – from decisions to training and even testing new tools – would be something reserved for a single staff person or department doesn’t simply meet the needs we have as organizations anymore.

Technology: A Pipeline to Employment for the Transgender Community

March 19, 2015
Before jumping into investing the time, energy, and money into an individual’s development, a successful support strategy must be implemented to ensure maximum retention rates. People who come from the most marginalized corners of our community will need additional support in order to make it through the pipeline.

What Is Nonprofit Technology?

March 10, 2015
For the past 14 years, I've been working for nonprofits. I've also become active in what we call the "nptech" community—"nptech" being shorthand for "nonprofit technology.” But nonprofits, which comprise about 10% of all US businesses, have wildly diverse business models. To suggest that there is a particular type of technology for nonprofits is akin to saying that all of the businesses in downtown Manhattan have similar technology needs. So what is nonprofit technology? It’s less of a platform and more of a philosophy.