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Tech Across Your Org: Risks and Rewards of Combining Volunteers and Social Media

March 15, 2013
No matter the size or tech-savvy of your nonprofit, there’s something out there that will undoubtedly be a game-changer for your organization’s social media efforts. It’s not a fancy new tool or a fun new hashtag sweeping the meme-sphere. The best kept secret of the social media world is: A volunteer. This is not to say that volunteers are a magic cure-all for your social media woes. Engaging volunteers to help with social media at your nonprofit comes with its own set of very real risks – but the rewards make it more than worth it. You just have to know how to minimize and prepare for these risks so you can maximize the rewards. Here are some examples:

5 Key Relationships for Your Nonprofit: And the Tools and Tactics to Facilitate Them

March 13, 2013
Has this happened to your nonprofit? One staff person or select members of the communications team are assigned to manage all of your organization’s social media. While this might make sense, it can be a lonely and complicated job speaking for an entire organization to the outside world. Instead of siloing social media into “that stuff that so-and-so does,” what would a more integrated approach look like? Since social media relies on social networks, let’s examine junctures in various organizational relationships where social media could be useful.

Take a Common Sense Approach to Multi-Channel Marketing

February 19, 2013
It's certainly true that multi-channel marketing has been around for as long as marketing has been around. Communicating with your audience via print media, radio, television, mail, phone, Internet and email is a regular part of most marketing plans. The challenge for fundraisers is to understand how best to use limited resources to make the most impact on your overall fundraising efforts. And with shrinking cost budgets and conflicting input from internal departments, the challenges can seem quite daunting indeed!

5 Tips For Getting Your Event Message Out

February 15, 2013
If you've decided to shake up your events this year and strive for a "new normal", be sure you also raise the bar for event promotion as well. After all, you need to get your message out in order to fill seats, promote your cause, and engage your members or supporters. Unfortunately, there isn't one sure-fire event promotion vehicle or channel .

Social Media & the 3 Rs: Content Strategy Basics for Engaging Volunteers

February 15, 2013
From designing volunteer opportunities, to recruiting new volunteers, to creating risk management policies, to screening volunteers, to recognizing great supporters…there are a lot of elements to successfully engaging volunteers with your organization. And not all of them easily translate to the social media realm. The big question is, why should you engage volunteers via social media? And another thing: How can you harness your content to work for you while doing so? Here’s my rationale for bringing together your social media and volunteer engagement strategies, and a few simple ideas for making it all work:

Draw Me a Story: A Recipe for Effective Infographics

February 12, 2013
With 24/7 internet access on smartphones and tablets, folks these days are drowning in information. As screens and attention spans shrink, so too must our content. In the past couple years, blog posts have given way to Facebook updates, Tumblrs, and tweets. And the meteoric rise of Instagram and Pinterest shows that people are weary of words and hungry for eye candy. Turns out, there is a scientific explanation for our love of visuals.

Beyond Like and Follow: Engaging Nonprofit Supporters Through Social Media

February 8, 2013
So far, most nonprofits have responded to the challenge by including social media as just another outreach tool in a crowded kit that includes direct mail, PSAs, personal outreach, and more. But social media isn't just another channel. It's a full-fledged platform for audience engagement that facilitates increasing levels of participation over a period of time—that is, if organizations can move beyond the paradigm of "like," "follow" "share" and "tweet," and begin building a brand experience that creates a deeper connection that allows nonprofits to innovate around their audience.

Engage, Inform, Recruit: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Recruit Donors and Volunteers

January 4, 2013
Engagement Marketing, when done well, can become the single best source of new members, volunteers, or donors for any nonprofit organization. By delivering great experiences and content to your key constituents, you can use that engagement to drive social visibility. Great content and experiences make people feel connected to an organization, and when these connections happen on places like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, one-to-one conversations turn into socially visible endorsements for an association or nonprofit.