Topic: Infrastructure

2014 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report

July 21, 2014
This report examines technology staffing levels, technology budgets, overall organizational approach to technology decisions, as well as technology oversight and management practices.

Tech Planning Smackdown

June 4, 2014
“How do we get a seat at the table?” I hear this question a fair amount from tech staff. I wish there was a single answer or approach to getting invited to the table, but of course there isn’t. However, there may be some ways to sparking the conversation by working to spotlight how technology planning can be impactful to the organization’s mission and how IT staff can serve as visionaries.

2013 Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems

October 29, 2013
Fully updated for 2013 and including all-new reviews and new products, this detailed, impartial report walks through the features that might be useful, summarizes and compares 36 different donor management systems that cost $10,500 or less in the first year, and provides detailed reviews of 11 of them.

NTEN Case Study: Financial Management in the Cloud

June 3, 2013
When Jill Farrow, now NTEN's chief financial and operating officer, first toured the organization's Portland, OR, offices, she noticed something conspicuous in its absence. Puzzled, she turned to then executive director Holly Ross, who was giving her the tour and asked, "Where are the servers?"

Nonprofit Data: The Case of the Women’s Center of Montgomery County

January 7, 2013
Based in Pennsylvania's third-largest county, the Women's Center of Montgomery County serves as many as 4,200 women each year through a domestic violence program and two hospitals. Director Maria Macaluso said the 800-member organizations 14 staff-members and 185 volunteers use data in a number of different ways across its seven offices—primarily to improve the services it is able to offer clients.