Topic: Digital Communications

Storytelling, The Spice of (a Nonprofit’s) Life

September 22, 2015
We all talk about the significance of data and metrics. They are important to a nonprofit’s funders and its staff. They can help a nonprofit stay accountable and on track. I value data and have never questioned the important role it plays for nonprofits and, for that matter, all organizations. However, can you imagine your food without any spices? It is very hard to imagine, right? It is the same as offering data without a story.

Beyond the Comfort Zone

September 22, 2015
There’s something about the prompt “tell me a story” that makes people think more about the limitations than the possibilities.

Interview with Snap Judgment’s Glynn Washington

September 22, 2015
In this interview, Glynn talks about his origins as a radio show and podcast producer, describes why storytelling matters in the pursuit of social justice, and offers advice for nonprofit organizations within the world of storytelling.

Invited In

September 21, 2015
What are the photographer’s ethical responsibilities in making images of vulnerable populations, like the many to be found in the Syrian refugee crisis?

Storytelling With Digital Annual Reports

September 16, 2015
Annual reports have grown to be one of the central storytelling tools an organization uses to reach its existing donors and other key audiences. Unfortunately, despite the importance of and resources poured into annual reports each year, a large number of organizations are stuck producing print reports that lack important measurement and storytelling tools.

Setting Up a Storybank

September 11, 2015
I’m putting the call-out to everyone who has a story: It’s time to put our stories in the bank. A storybank is a mechanism for capturing and sharing stories in a variety of mediums. If we don’t capture our stories and share them, they’ll disappear.

A Tradition of Digital Storytelling with Students on Ice

September 8, 2015
Since Students on Ice began in 2000, we have shared stories with people back home by sending blog posts, photos, and videos to our home base via satellite. This practice has been a core part of our culture of storytelling for 15 years.

The 5 Pillars of High-Growth Organizations and Other Insights from #NYNP2015

August 20, 2015
I recently returned from speaking at the DMANF Nonprofit Conference held in the heart of NYC. My conference experience started off with an unexpected gem. The scheduled keynote speaker was sick and unable to present, but the silver lining is that we got the pleasure of hearing from guest keynote speaker, Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

How to Leverage Short Film to Attract New Donors

August 4, 2015
The more saturated society becomes with media and mobile devices, the more powerful short films can prove for nonprofits to get their stories in front of new audiences. When done right, short films are inspiring, moving, and bite-sized—they can be quickly watched and easily shared, setting off a viral groundswell in the process.

Building the Bedrock

July 28, 2015
If you haven’t heard of it yet, NTEN’s 2nd annual Leading Change Summit (LCS) promises to be one of the coolest and innovative gatherings emerging in the nonprofit community. Our team at Forum One is proud to join the community’s effort to fuel the future of nonprofit innovation—and we’ll be helping kick things off the first day with a half-day training on Digital Strategy.