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15 Ways to Harness the Power of Nonprofit Storytelling for Advocacy

May 31, 2016
Everyone in advocacy needs to be able to tell a compelling story about why your issue matters and how it relates to people. Storytelling allows potential supporters to connect with your organization in an immediate and meaningful way.

Disrupting with Media

May 12, 2016
By remixing music videos, commercials, TV shows, and other media with critical statements, students can take control of the largely one-way dialogue between mass media and the public. In talking back to media with media itself, students are demanding more from the industries and producers responsible for the thousands of messages they see every day.
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Access All the Memes! A Journey from Awareness to Accessibility

April 21, 2016
You do not need to be an expert to create accessible content. You just need to be aware that people access the internet in different ways, and care enough to include them.

Q&A With Trollbusters’ Founder, Michelle Ferrier

April 20, 2016
TrollBusters is a just-in-time rescue service for women writers and journalists who are experiencing online harassment. We send positive messaging and just-in-time education to keep targets safe online and off.

Winners of the 2016 DoGooder Awards

April 1, 2016
The votes are in and we’re excited to announce the winners of the 10th Annual DoGooder Awards! We had submissions from nonprofits all over the world about social causes ranging from women empowerment to fixing our food system. More than 13,000 votes were cast over the course of one month!

2016 Digital Outlook Report

March 18, 2016
What does digital strategy look like in your organization? We asked, and nearly 500 individuals from nonprofit organizations responded!

What Is a Follower Worth?

March 14, 2016
The ability to reach people through social networks is an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy. What if your followers could do more than just be passive recipients of your message? What if they could actively spread your message?
"Make a ruckus for good"

Engaging a Large (and Lively!) Global Community on Social Media

February 26, 2016
It’s hugely helpful to get tips, and it’s wise to seek new ideas and strategies. But in my experience, there are a few basics that make engagement work—and they’re not driven by hashtags or apps or vanity metrics...or even That One Weird Old Trick. To illustrate what’s worked for our community, let me paint a picture.