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Time-Effective Google AdWords Management for Nonprofit Professionals

September 12, 2016
Get the most value out of your Google AdWords account with these tips and task lists.
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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Real

August 31, 2016
"When government only gives canned responses or isn’t available, people fill in the gaps with their own prejudices. If you’re not telling your story where people are listening, someone else is doing it for you."

Engage Supporters Talking About #YourCrisis

August 8, 2016
How do we know who is talking about #OurCrisis or #TheirCrisis? More importantly, how can we engage our most important stakeholders who are active on social media?
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Responding to a Mass Shooting

August 2, 2016
Decades ago, I started my career at UCC in community relations. The rural campus, tucked in a bend of the scenic North Umpqua River, seemed an unlikely place for such violence. But it had happened, and I was grateful that I could assist.
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3 simple email improvements to make more money during EOY fundraising

July 27, 2016
What if I told you that bad email deliverability practices could be dragging down your EOY campaign before it even begins?
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Longform Content: When to do it, and when not to

June 17, 2016
“Longform content” is all the rage these days. Newspapers are doing it. Magazines are doing it. Huge corporations are doing it. Nonprofits are doing it. Everyone is jumping on the longform train...even those who shouldn’t.
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All About Editorial Guidelines: Q&A with Marlene Oliveira

June 14, 2016
To help us understand how editorial guidelines can help build relationships with guest storytellers, Marlene Oliveira of Nonprofit MarCommunity answered some of our burning questions.
"How to Create an Ideal Audience Persona"

How to Create an Ideal Audience Persona: Three reasons & a worksheet

June 9, 2016
A critical step in branding is becoming crystal clear about who your audiences are. But the playing field needs to be narrowed so you can tailor how and what you want to communicate with them (and where).
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The Pain and Poetry of Building a Platform

June 7, 2016
Roland opened my eyes to the fact that three out of five U.S. prisoners are illiterate. I opened his eyes to the power of web platforms to scale and talked him out of building an app.
"The health of Gulf Coast residents housed in FEMA trailers after Hurricane Katrina and Rita was harmed more by formeldohyde exposure in the FEMA trailers than the hurricanes." - Becky Gillette, Mississippi

Digital Storytelling: On Sharing Your Life With Strangers

June 2, 2016
Personal stories are a powerful way for nonprofits to share the importance of their work while highlighting community experiences and inspiring action. But personal stories must be approached with care. It’s essential that storytelling is rooted in authenticity, respect, relationship building, and accountability.