Topic: Data

5 Membership Software Features You Absolutely Need

April 26, 2017
Membership management software equips organizations with tools to streamline their membership efforts. Learn which software features are a must-have.

Finding and Retaining Donors: Cultivating Your Relationships

November 28, 2016
The average organization’s donor retention rate is 60%—how can nonprofits increase retention and find more new donors? From the Individual Donor Benchmark Report, some steps for cultivating relationships and tracking donors.

Seven Deadly Weaknesses of Nonprofit Security

November 28, 2016
Good security doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Here are some tools and tips on the most common security weaknesses—and how nonprofit leaders can address them.

3 Tips for Using Data To Tell Your Story, Ethically

November 22, 2016
Data is an incredibly valuable tool, and as with any tool, we have an ethical responsibility to use it correctly. When it comes to using data for storytelling, we must find a way to be persuasive without being deceptive.

How to Use Your Database to Ruin Productivity in 5 Easy Steps!

September 26, 2016
For a good time in non-productivity, recreate all the wheels and silo all your data. Hilarity ensues!

Data Management: Will the Affordable & Adaptable Client Database Solutions Please Step Up?

September 20, 2016
Client databases help you understand your program so you have data with which you can make informed program design decisions.

Better Than Cake: Using Data to Celebrate Team Wins

September 14, 2016
Data isn't just for funders—it's another way to help our teammates see both the forest and the trees. Learn simple ways data can help inspire and inform.

Help Wanted: Must Be Curious

September 7, 2016
We live in a time when data and information are changing how we work and are amplifying the results.

Supporting Ethical Data Choices with

March 29, 2016
DigitalIMPACT intends to help nonprofits and foundations co-create and share practices for using digital data that align with their missions. We believe that these practices, policies, and tools need to be invented by the sector, for the sector. The website is a hub of materials to get this capacity-building effort started: the digitalIMPACT project.

Dear Educators: How to Get the Data You Have to Work for You

March 24, 2016
The data we hold are often considered the keys to success: if we can just use data to tell stories and support our goals, we’ll win that grant, manage the board better, respond in real time, and better understand the ebb and flow of our programs. Yet effective data use is also one of the biggest challenges organizations meet: how to trust it, build transparency, support the stories that need telling, and make sure the right people have access to it, over many years.