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Why cost to raise a dollar may actually be the most useful metric

Cost to Raise a Dollar. The metric that shall not be named. Its very mention ices the veins. However, it holds a secret: it can unlock investment.

This rapid-fire session will take you through how CTRAD can actually be broken apart in such a way to show the value of investing in fundraising. It will help you look at where you are, and where you can go from there. It can provide guidance on what to do when the economy tanks, or when you have a windfall. Effectively, we can use CTRAD to drive strategy.

And at no point will it be used to determine your “fundraising efficiency.”

First learning outcome

Explain when cost to raise a dollar is useful, and when it isn't

Second learning outcome

Understand how to navigate economic shocks, like inflation, using metrics

Third learning outcome

Apply metrics to make the business case for investment


Kirk Schmidt
Kirk Schmidt

Director of Fundraising Optimization and Business Intelligence

Alberta Cancer Foundation

Kirk is an experienced fundraiser and fundraising metrics expert with over 15 years experience and has led teams in Direct Response, Monthly Giving, Mid-Level Giving, Prospect Research, Donations Processing, Stewardship and Volunteer Management. He has both worked within charities and has worked with over 80 organizations in consulting roles.

Session format

30-minute session

Session location

In Denver

Date and time

April 13, 2023

10:00 am-10:30 am MT


Mile High Ballroom 4EF

Who should attend?

Fundraising decision-makers who want to look at their fundraising more strategically
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