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Actionable dashboards: Create tools people will use and love

How can you build dashboards that actually get used? This session will focus on design principles and other strategies to make dashboards more actionable, accessible, and beautiful. I will share a various examples of successful and not-so-successful dashboards. Together we will breakdown what works and what doesn’t. Participants will leave with a set of principles for designing dashboards that people actually look forward to using.

First learning outcome

Questions to ask in order to plan a successful dashboard.

Second learning outcome

Simple design principles that anyone can use to increase accessibility and ease-of-use.

Third learning outcome

Strategies to ensure your dashboard supports data-informed decisions and stays relevent over time.


Megan Hansen
Megan Hansen

Data Consultant for nonprofits

I am a freelance data analyst and strategist serving nonprofits. I love helping small organizations to build their first strategy and select data tools that fit their goals, resources and skills. I believe that all organizations deserve access to powerful tools!

Session format

30-minute session

Session location


Date and time

April 14, 2023

12:45 pm-1:15 pm MT

Who should attend?

Nonprofit staff who build dashboards or want to improve dashboards they already use.
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