60 minute workshop | Marketing/Communications

Ad grant programs: How do they compare? New platforms, features, and strategy

This workshop will start with a side by side comparison of features for the two major platforms that offer free advertising grants to nonprofits. There will be a short presentation on new features and changes in the Google Ad Grant, then an introduction to the new Microsoft Ad Grant and a breakdown of how it differs from Google's program. You'll learn the relative strengths and benefits of each, and the technical, policy and demographic differences.

The second half of the session will be a group discussion about strategy, so bring your own examples and experiences to share. We can talk about your nonprofit, your advertising goals, and which platform and which techniques might best meet them. We'll discuss real-life examples of performance metrics and why the results for the same nonprofit might be so different on each platform.

First learning outcome

Learn about Microsoft's new grants program that gives you $3,000 per month in free advertising, and Google's that offers $10,000 per month.

Second learning outcome

Find out how the two programs compare in terms of features, policies and demographic reach.

Third learning outcome

Learn how Microsoft ads differ from Google's ads, and how to strategically leverage both programs for success.


Jason King
Jason King

Ad Grants Certified Professional

Jason King

Freelancer working with non-profits. I manage Google Ad Grant and Microsoft Ad Grant accounts, do audits, and deliver online training. Google Ad Grants Certified Professional, a Google Product Expert, and a Google Partner. I live in France on a rural homestead with 14 acres of woodland, orchard and pasture, three humans, six sheep, and 14 chickens.

Session format

60-minute workshop

Session location

In Denver

Date and time

April 12, 2023

1:30 pm-2:30 pm MT

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in digital advertising, who wants to find out how Microsoft's new ad grant program compares to Google's.

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