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8 steps to managing information in the hybrid working model

How Can I Change The World When I Can’t Remember My Password?

Our work life has changed, but our systems have yet to catch up. Learn to seamlessly slide between working from home and in the office without belabouring the process, without losing time shifting from one workspace to the other, or without losing documents, momentum, styles, and systems of work. Using 8 steps, create an information managing system for the hybrid work model, which is mindful and respectful of each person and department, and retains your organization’s knowledge, saves time, and money. Just because an account was opened on a Tuesday, doesn’t mean the password should be Tuesday22!

First learning outcome

Rethink the filing system in a way that reflects your organization, team, and unique style of work

Second learning outcome

Know how to navigate inboxes with 100s or 1,000s of unopened messages, and that desktop

Third learning outcome

File names describe the file, not the days' mood and mastercopy5 doesn't say if there are 5 or 6


Tiffany Nyklickova
Tiffany Nyklickova

Information Specialist

Services in Action

Tiffany Nyklickova is a Information Specialist for Services in Action, an information centre for nonprofits. She builds partnerships between organizations so they can exchange information, services, and tools and mentors nonprofit professionals. In the end, it’s taking a project from an idea to a fully development system that she enjoys most. While doing this, she found herself immersed in knowledge management and information technology. Her geeky pleasures are planning and excel documents.  

Session format

30-minute session

Session location


Date and time

April 14, 2023

1:30 pm-2:00 pm MT

Who should attend?

1 IT decision-maker
2 Team leader with shared roles or high turn-over
3 Individuals in a small shop
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