NTEN Labs are local, in-person, interactive events for shared learning. These day-long workshops give you the opportunity to connect with your peers to explore specific topics, such as:

Data-Informed Nonprofits – Connect with your peers to explore different ways to identify and strategically use your organization’s data. You’ll learn how to find the data you’re already producing, how you can use the data to show your impact, and how to plan future decisions based on the data you have instead of the way you feel. This Lab is ideal for any nonprofit staff members that are interested in learning how to make data-informed decisions in their organization.

Impact Evaluation and Measurement – Every nonprofit has different data to measure, but without the right data, you can’t tell funders and supporters the impact of your programs and services. This Lab is designed to help you make strategic, data-informed decisions with metrics and trends collected over time that align with their organizational goals. Learn how to create an impact evaluation plan; gather the data you need to best inform your planning; identify the best ways to collect and manage data; and foster a culture of data-informed decision making across your organization.

Project Management – Managing a technology-related project for your nonprofit can seem like a daunting task, whether you have experience in project management or not. Each project and organization presents its own unique set of challenges. This Lab is designed to help you work through strategies, frameworks, and best practices to guide you through the range of technology-related projects and manage them for greater success.

Campaign Planning & Management
This Lab focuses on strategies, frameworks, and best practices to help guide you through the overall life cycle of a successful campaign from planning to implementation, all with a focus on engaging and learning from your community throughout the process. Whether your focus in on fundraising, advocacy, special events, or program delivery, this lab will give you the foundation you need to run more successful and engaging campaigns.

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