Women in NPTech Book Club: The Invention of Difference: The Story of Gender Bias at Work

The Women in Nonprofit Tech group is part of NTEN’s online community program.

In this book club call, we’ll be discussing The Invention of Difference: The Story of Gender Bias at Work by Binna and Jo Kandola.

Does the only way to achieve gender equality at work lie in accepting the natural and unchangeable differences between men and women? Or is acceptance of difference a blind alley – and a means of perpetuating the very inequality at stake.

Psychologists Binna and Jo Kandola show how today’s gender inequality stems not from biology or evolution but social constructs, viewpoints and bias. Using historical, sociological and psychological perspectives, they demonstrate how gendered outcomes at work are not natural but artificial.

This book explains how we – men and women together – built a world divided between mena and women. It shows where our ideas of gender come from, how they operate in the world of work, and what we can do to change them… if we really want to.