Webinar: Work-Life Balance Tools for Tech Leaders in an Over-connected World

Does opening your inbox in the morning fill you with dread? Are you spending more time with your computer or phone than with the people who are important to your life? Are you excited by all of the ways your work can make a positive impact, but often feel at the end of the day like you accomplished very little?

As social change leaders, we are passionate about our work, and we have amazing technological tools to help us, but our passion combined with technological over-connection can lead to overwork and stress. We can’t change the world if we’re burned out.

Since 2000, Rockwood has trained over 4,500 emerging and established visionary leaders in the social change sector how to lead from their purpose and maintain balance, pacing, and efficiency to sustain their energy over a lifetime of activism. If you want to gain practical tools to bring your work and life back into balance, please join this webinar (and bring your whole team, so that you can practice what you learn together).

Key takeaways:

  • Everyday mindfulness practices you can use while working on your computer and mobile phone.
  • Work-life balance tools to use with your team and at meetings.
  • How to be more productive with ease in your work

Who should attend:
Nonprofit staff and individual social change leaders who want to gain tools to sustain their energy while increasing their effectiveness over a lifetime of activism.

Speaker: Sharon Price
Sharon Price's purpose at Rockwood Leadership Institute is to support the personal growth and well-being of transformative leaders in order to build a unified progressive movement. She manages several Fellowship programs, including the Cross-Movement Yearlong, special programs with SEIU, and the Fellowship for Human Rights and National Security Reform Leaders. Previously, she worked in international conservation building networks of local environmental leaders. Before that, she studied Religion and Anthropology in Washington, D.C. and Kathmandu, Nepal. Sharon is certified as an Integral Coach® through New Ventures West.