Webinar: Word of Mouth Movements: How to Integrate Online Media with Offline Engagement

Research shows that 90% of word of mouth referrals happening offline. So, what do thousands of online fans and followers mean if they aren’t telling others why they want to work with you? How can you integrate offline interactions with your online strategy for a well-rounded, effective brand communications plan and build a true word of mouth movement? Join this webinar to talk about how social media has revolutionized brand communications, and learn more about how consumers are using online tools to find anything and everything and how you can leverage those tools and momentum to make the highest impact for your mission.

Expect a show and tell presentation loaded with case studies from real word of mouth movements like the National Center for Family Literacy’s Wonderopolis, which grew from zero to 25K website visits per month and multiple influential offline mentions in less than five months through a multi-faceted online/offline strategy.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to develop an online strategy that drives and supports offline conversations, gatherings and relationships with employees and customers
  • How to build long-term momentum online and offline for your company, product, service or organization
  • How to get away from facts and figures and instead use stories to ignite passion in communities


About the Presenter:

Robbin Phillips

As one of the founders of the word of mouth and identity firm Brains on Fire, Robbin Phillips has created, revitalized, protected and grown identities such as BMW, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Love146, Find Great People International and Ryobi Tools. She is also co-author of the book Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements. Robbin has spoken on a national level with ThoughtLead and the American Marketing Association.