Webinar: Why a Model for Web Content Matters

A content model defines the structure of your web content. It details the types of content you have, the copy and assets that comprise them, and the relationships between them. It is the wizard behind the curtain that impacts your website’s ease of use, content’s ability to stay on brand, to tell a story, to integrate or power outside services, and to be responsive.

This 60-minute session explores the concept of content modeling, shares examples, discusses implications, and showcases latest trends that offer notable impact on how you can craft your content and deliver your stories through the web.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of content modeling
  • How content strategy, curation, and modeling influence each other
  • Examples and suggestions of how to content model
  • An approach for using flexible content blocks to model and create content that is a powerful shift in how stories can be crafted on a website

Who should attend:

Anyone working to create, prepare, and deliver web content: Content Managers, Strategists, Communications Staff, Technologists, and Storytellers.

Speaker: Seth Giammanco
Seth Giammanco is a Principal at MOD-Lab. Seth's in-depth experience combines ideation, implementation strategy, and hands-on technical skills for crafting engaging digital experiences. Seth has led the creation of numerous web solutions for large for-profit brands such as Motorola and New York Magazine, as well as a diverse collection of nonprofit organizations, such as The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Tribeca Film Institute, and Planned Parenthood. Seth is active on Twitter (@sethgiammanco), blogs, speaks on digital content for engaging web/mobile solutions, and is a board member and instructor at Jikishinkan Aikido Dojo in Brooklyn, NY.
Speaker: Michelle Perreault