Webinar: Where is This All Going: The Future of IT

IT has undergone an unprecedented sea of change in the past five years. In 2007, the stable Windows-based Enterprise was the obvious solution for any organization. Now, the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud storage, and apps have left everyone wondering…where are we going? Small organizations in particular have an opportunity to be nimble and adapt quickly to the emerging trends – if only they knew which ones to pursue.

We will discuss some of the fundamental trends that have led to this shift, and see how that can have an immediate impact on nonprofit organizations today.

This webinar is geared towards nonprofit staff who have a vested interest in how technology is used at their organization. They might be a decision-maker, someone responsible for IT, or a key stakeholder. If that sounds like your role, please join us for this webinar.


  1. What are some emerging technologies?
  2. What technology can my organization use now?
  3. What will be big in the next few years?


About the Presenter:

Johan Hammerstrom has been helping businesses and non-profit organizations with technology planning, project management and direct network support since he began working at Community IT Innovators in October 1999. He has consulted for a wide range of organizations from the non-profit and for-profit sectors, including grassroots organizations, associations, and foundations; local, national and international. As the Chief Operating Officer, Johan is now responsible for managing operations for the entire company.