Webinar: Using Data to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

Learn the tools and tactics to evaluate social media success, drive engagement, and prove that it’s meeting your mission.

So people follow you on Twitter and your Facebook page has a bit of buzz, but there’s still something missing. How can you tell that the engagement you’re getting fits with your organization’s mission? How do you know when your social media strategy is working, and how do you tell bosses how great you’re doing?

This webinar will focus on the data you need to collect and the evaluation techniques you need to connect the dots and match your social media strategy with your mission. Presenter Lyndal Cairns will cover mission-driven strategy, the tools and techniques to collect data, and the reporting techniques that will help you make sense of it.

Data can tell you a great deal about how your organization is performing on social media — from how many people you are reaching to where those people are, what they’re interested in, and whether they understand your communications. Whether your goal is to educate, connect, raise awareness, sell tickets, or seek donations, there are metrics that will help you understand how social media is helping your mission. Writing good data collection processes into your strategy makes it easier to set good goals, evaluate and innovate.

Social analytics tools allow you to track your own success and compare it with other organizations, but it’s important to collect the right information. There are a range of tools (including free and low-cost options) that will help you see your best-performing posts, plot your network, find your “champions” and spot trends that you can capitalize on for your campaigns.

Once you have the information you need, you still need to make sense of it for yourself and your organization. You need to turn your goals into metrics and match them to data. Good evaluation techniques and reporting skills will prove to your boss that your social media interaction is making an impact and that it’s worth further investment. Come gain the knowledge and confidence to evaluate your organization’s social media success.


  • How to weave data collection into your social media strategy
  • Tools and techniques for collecting information relevant to your mission
  • Reporting skills and tools that will help show your progress

This webinar is best for:

Social media managers who are comfortable with their social media networks but who need to take their social media strategy further, and who want to measure their social media success.

Speaker: Lyndal Frazier-Cairns
Lyndal Cairns is committed to building stronger nonprofits as though our very existence depends on them. Because it does. After a decade as a newspaper and online journalist, she devoted her career to marketing for social good organizations working for sustainability, public health, education and technology. Among her proudest moments was receiving the 2015 NTEN Award for services to the nonprofit tech sector; and watching billboard ads for the Queensland AIDS Council being reinstated after a million-strong social media campaign against the homophobic decision to remove them. She and her team are currently working on a membership growth strategy for NTEN, as well as rebranding efforts. When not working, Lyndal can usually be found making mixtapes or digging in her garden.