Webinar: The State of the Nonprofit Cloud: Results of the Study

Consultants and advertisements alike are urging nonprofits “to The Cloud,” but how many have heeded the call? Are organizations actually using it? What can you do there? How have Anonymous and LulzSec impacted the Cloud’s appeal? To answer these questions and more, NTEN and Idealware surveyed 780 nonprofits nationwide about how they used hosted software.

Did you know:

  • that email is the most widely-used cloud software?
  • that once a nonprofit starts using one cloud software solution, it’s likely to use more?
  • that many staff members were using cloud software, but didn’t even realize it?

Join us for this free webinar to hear NTEN and Idealware present an overview of their research for the new report, The State of the Nonprofit Cloud: The Results of a Study of Nonprofit Use of Cloud Software.

About the Presenters

Laura Quinn, Executive Director, Idealware

Laura has been working in the software sector for more than 15 years. As Idealware’s Executive Director, she directs Idealware’s research and writing to provide candid reports and articles about nonprofit software. Prior to Idealware, Laura founded Alder Consulting, where she helped nonprofits create Internet strategies, select appropriate software, and then build sophisticated websites on a limited budget. She has also selected software, designed interfaces and conducted user research for multi-million dollar software and website implementations with such companies as Accenture and iXL. Laura is a frequent speaker and writer on nonprofit technology topics.

Annaliese Hoehling, Director of Publications, NTEN

Annaliese has been with NTEN since 2006, working to connect NTEN members with each other and with the information and resources that will help make their jobs a little (or a lot!) easier. As Publications Director, Annaliese is working to develop NTEN’s research and publications that document the transformational power of technology in the nonprofit sector. Annaliese came to NTEN from a literary background, with an MFA in Literary Translation (go ahead and ask her what that is, everyone else does) and an MA in English. Though she’s spent plenty of time in libraries and in front of classrooms, before she came to NTEN she also found the time to co-direct a small arts-in-education program associated with the University of Arkansas in order to bring poetry and creative writing workshops to students throughout the state and co-found and edit an online journal of international literature in English translation. Both of these experiences have fostered in Annaliese an appreciation for the role of technology in social change, cultural enrichment, and free information endeavors.