Webinar: The New Normal: Shifting Organizational Resources to Thrive and Survive in a Rapidly Changing World

The New Normal: Shifting Organizational Resources to Thrive and Survive in a Rapidly Changing World (7/3)

Many nonprofits are finding themselves with significantly declining results and an urgency to change course. As technologists, we are in a unique position to witness the increasingly rapid pace of human evolution for all its wonder and horror. The Internet we work and play on gives us a profoundly broad and detailed perspective of our ever-changing world and provides the medium through which we are influencing that change.

And the more technology and human communication become more and more intertwined, relevance in this rapidly changing world requires organizations to become adept at adapting. Ongoingly. This is the “New Normal” – constantly adapting to an incessant stream of change – environmental, political, social, economic, AND technological.

Shifting organizational resources to adapt to these changes can be risky. Nonprofits have limited resource and funders are generally not inclined to fund expensive experiments. Furthermore, people in groups are generally resistant to change, instead finding security in their routine. But just because something worked within the last few years does not mean it will continue working in the next few. How quickly an organization can embrace and metabolize change defines an organization’s agility.

This webinar is geared towards nonprofit workers who are frustrated by the lack of agility in their organization, nonprofit leaders who want to change their organizational culture to be more agile. Join us to hear about several communications tools and operations strategies that can help you learn:

  1. How to affect change in an organization when you’re at the bottom or corners of an organization
  2. Communications tools that will instill great agility into your group or organization
  3. Organizational/operational strategies group leaders can implement to create a culture of agility
About Presenter
Ian Rhett is CEO of CivicActions, a team of technologists, project managers and strategists geographically distributed in 7 time zones serving public sector agencies and organizations with technology strategy and Drupal development services.Ian served as Executive Producer for two OmniCom marketing and advertising agencies and innovated live webcasting technology at Apple in the mid-90’s. He’s an Eagle Scout, a songwriter and is co-organizer of Nashville’s Designathon – a 24 hour volunteer event for marketers, designers, writers and developers who focus their attention on a single nonprofit to revolutionize their marketing and branding.