Webinar: Tell Your Story: Making Email Newsletters Valuable Again

What’s the point of having an e-newsletter? How do you improve your email campaigns each time to achieve better results? And how should e-newsletters change in this new age of social media and sharing?

Charities shouldn’t be spending time creating an e-newsletter if it’s not bringing in desired results or if it isn’t part of a larger marketing strategy. But they are still crucial to staying top of mind and capturing your grassroots donors. We’ll share some best practices and thought leadership on taking your e-newsletter to the next level so you can get the financial return you want.

About the Presenter:

James Li

James is the co-founder of Encore, a web tool that helps mission driven organizations capture and share their stories with supporters via email within minutes. To develop the newsletter best practices that are built into Encore, James and his team conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with DC and LA-area nonprofits and tested extensively.