Webinar: Tech Support Confidential – Choosing the Right IT Support

Looking for the right type of technology support for your organization? In-sourcing, out-sourcing, help-desk, technology circuit rider – tech support comes in a variety of flavors. It’s hard to know what all your options even are, much less how to evaluate your options. To make matters worse, the people that are best suited to advise you are naturally the same folks vying for your tech support dollars.

Chances are you’d appreciate some insider advice on how to select the type of tech support that’s right for you. In this webinar, you’ll learn what factors you should consider when figuring out what support solutions are best for you, as well as a list of must-ask questions to help you interview the providers that make it to your shortlist.



  1. A clearer understanding of the breadth of IT support options that are out there
  2. The pros, cons and cost ranges of different IT support options, with guidance on what type of support tends to work best depending on the culture, size and budget of your organization
  3. A worksheet with must-ask questions that will help you gather the information you need to sort out the best-fit, and most reliable IT support for your organization


About the Presenter:

Karen Graham works at the intersection of nonprofits, people, and technology. As leader of the technology consulting team at MAP for Nonprofits, she helps small and medium sized organizations without professional IT staff to reach a basic standard of productivity and security, then move toward fully leveraging their technology investment for the common good. Her current focus is on developing new services to spur innovation in nonprofit service delivery and operations. She originally presented this as a breakout session for the 2013 NTC.