Webinar: Stop Struggling with Social Media

Does your Facebooking evoke face-palming? Do you feel like you’re tweeting into the abyss? If you are frustrated with your nonprofit’s performance on social media or think there’s yet more to gain, attend this session (and invite your executive director, while you’re at it).

Most organizations are falling flat with social media. Why? Because they’re struggling against the grain of human nature instead of working with it. We’ll kick off with the inspiring story of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Twin Cities, and how they are doing social right.

In just one year, YNPN-TC was able to triple their web traffic and double the amount of attendees coming to their events by using social media effectively. We’ll share with you the secret sauce that made this happen: social media positive culture, coupled with a network amplifier engagement strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • A better understanding of what actually works on social media
  • A case study you can use with your executive on why allowing staff and volunteers to support your organization on social is a *good* thing
  • An intro to social media positive culture, with tips on how you can cultivate it
  • Instructions on how to use the network amplifier strategy as a part of your future campaigns

Who should attend: 

This webinar is geared towards nonprofit staff and volunteers who are involved with creating social media content or strategy for their organizations, and nonprofit leaders who want to foster a social media positive culture across their organizations.