Webinar: Social Media and the ‘Organizing Web’ for Community Organizers

You’re great at the organizing work you do and you use online tools. But are you using those tools strategically as part of your organizing work? For example, understanding what voice would be particularly effective on social media or trying to be more visible/transparent about the work you do. Organizers are using online tools in myriad new ways, changing the way they work and communicate.

While community organizers, labor organizations and groups working to empower low income communities historically have been challenged in using technology strategically, there are many online tools now available to help those organizations in their mission work, beyond fundraising and administration. We’ll review case studies from community organizing groups and labor unions that are using online tools to support their mission-focused work.

This session will provide a framework for you to evaluate your organization’s use of online tools and build a roadmap for improvement. Join us for a conversation about bright spots, the emerging organizing tech’ community, and resources you can access right now.

In this session participants will

  • Learn how to build a roadmap for meeting your mission in your work using online tools.
  • Hear about case studies from community organizing groups and labor unions that use online tools appropriately for their mission.
  • Learn about community hubs where people similar to you are engaging peers to compare notes, best practices and resources appropriate for your work.

About the Presenter

Charles Lenchner

Charles Lenchner is the founder and executive director of Organizing 2.0, a new nonprofit organization that offers online organizing training in New York City. He has previously worked on the vendor side as an outreach manager for Salsa/Democracyinaction, political campaigns (Working Families Party), and nonprofits (Friends of the Earth Middle East). In addition to starting a new organization, Charles is a coordinator for the NYC 501 Tech Club, a consultant for web projects and a fan of pickled herring and beets.