Webinar: So Now What? Visualizing the Future of Big Data and You

This webinar is the third webinar of a 3 part series on Big Data: Risks and Rewards for Nonprofit Leaders

Check out parts 1 and 2:

You’ve heard about Big Data from soup to nuts, now what? Peter Panepento and Karen Holst will examine how to continue to master your data in a way that protects your organization while mobilizes amazing action. Tying together the bird’s eye and ground level views, this webinar will outline the specific strategies and tactics on how to find data in the most surprising places, how to set benchmarks that make sense, and how to help you assess all the data points in between.

Learn how to find:

  • The magic that can happen when you can combine the right pieces from Big Data sources with the right pieces of your own data sets to clarify trends, visualize impact or problems, and measure change related to your mission.
  • The importance of creating your own organizational context and mix of big data and your data.
  • A recap of what we’ve learned in the series and how it can work for your organization.

Speakers: Peter Panepento with the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Karen Holst, Technology Consultant