Webinar: Retool Your Social Media Efforts with a Social Media Audit

A social media audit offers a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your organization’s social media strategy, processes, implementation, systems and culture. Audits are not a judgment, but rather a statement of where you are along a continuum of practice, and offer practical insights into your social media execution and effectiveness. Ash Shepherd and Debra Askanase will offer two audit frameworks: assessing social media systems and also activities, and how the audits may be used to provide a strategy for future endeavors. This webinar includes case studies of two nonprofit social media audits, what the organizations learned from participating in this process, and how the audit information translated into ramping up their strategic social media engagement.

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn about tools and resources for conducting your own social media audit
  • Understand how to conduct a social media audit
  • Learn how to utilize tools to assess which social media activities and systems to optimize
  • Learn about tying the audit into your social media strategy


About the Presenters

Debra Askanase

Debra Askanase is the founder and Engagement Strategist at Community Organizer 2.0, a strategic social media consulting firm to nonprofit organizations. Debra holds a B.A. from Emory University and a M.B.A. in International Business from Bar Ilan University. Prior to founding Community Organizer 2.0, Debra worked for almost 20 years in the nonprofit field, originally as a community organizer and later as a program director, executive director and fundraiser. Debra has presented workshops at the Nonprofit Technology Conference and is a speaker and presenter at conferences worldwide. She is also on the organizing committee of Boston’s 501 Tech Club.

Ash Shepherd

Ash Shepherd works in the areas of Strategy & Process with Minds on Design Lab. He brings with him 15+ years of experience working with and for nonprofits in the areas of online communications strategy and process management, social media engagement, youth program development and social work. Ash’s commitment to the nonprofit technology sector is apparent. He is on the editorial board for NTEN’s online publication, Change, and is a co-author of the recently published Social Media Roap Map. He also co-managed the Portland, Oregon NetSquared/501 Tech Club for a number of years and continues to present at a wide range of public speaking engagements.