Webinar: Remote Control: Distributed Team Software Strategy

Working remotely for a nonprofit is rewarding, and challenging. Technology gets sewn into the fabric your daily life, and you have to become comfortable with interfacing through screens all day long. What technology really works, and how do we leverage it across teams to move forward in this ever-growing remote office culture?

At Global Impact (aka charity.org), Dave and Lee build and maintain software for the organization and its partners. Managing tasks, designing systems, over-communicating, constant collaboration, and coding form our workdays. We’ll share the tools and tips that work best for us; and also, we have to get real and share some of the challenges we’ve faced as we integrate with our organization’s teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a daily standup (with a digital water-cooler hangout) is critical
  • Reliable software tools are your friends
  • Learn to manage your managers and meetings
  • Set boundaries and rules for your workday

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Speaker: Dave Hightower
Dave is the Sr. UX Designer/Developer at Global Impact, shaping the look, feel and experience of the organizations’ sites. He lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, four kids, and two Golden Retrievers. When he’s not designing software, he loves coffee, playing music, running, and reading books in a hammock.
Speaker: Lee Dykes
Lee is the Sr. Applications Developer at Global Impact building from scratch, custom applications and developing new features for existing applications, mostly focusing on our Accelerator line: Grants Accelerator and Giving Accelerator. He lives outside of Corpus Christi, TX with his wife, two daughters, and a dog/cat combo. When the laptop goes to sleep he spends his time singing/playing music and doing the occasional crossword puzzle.