Webinar: Refurbished Devices – Perspectives from the Field

Join two leaders from the nonprofit device refurbishment world as they share perspectives from two outstanding organizations: Kramden Institute & Human I-T. Each presenter will provide an overview of their organizations mission and work, followed by a joint discussion of AFTRR, an emerging alliance of nonprofit technology refurbishes, repurposes and recyclers.

Speaker: Michael Abensour
Speaker: James Jack
James specializes in creating mutually beneficial partnerships between organizations, non-profit and for-profit alike. Equipped with a unique ability to see how new technology trends may come together to benefit those in need. James has the foresight that is required to thrive in today’s technological sector. He is a natural problem solver who consistently overcomes all obstacles in his way. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, James started his first business after high school, and has been refining his entrepreneurial skills ever since.