Webinar: Refurbished Devices – Perspectives from the Field

Join two leaders from the nonprofit device refurbishment world as they share perspectives from two outstanding organizations: Kramden Institute & Human I-T. Each presenter will provide an overview of their organizations mission and work, followed by a joint discussion of AFTRR, an emerging alliance of nonprofit technology refurbishes, repurposes and recyclers.

Speaker: Michael Abensour
Michael has nearly 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the political and non- profit sector, as a campaign manager, political consultant and in international government relations. For the last four years, he has served as the Executive Director of Kramden Institute, a Durham-based nonprofit whose mission is to help underserved students and their families bridge the digital divide across North Carolina. During his time at Kramden, he has spearheaded the organization’s new digital literacy programs and created innovative new partnerships with numerous private and public sector organizations. Prior to joining Kramden, Michael was the Government of Quebec’s National Affairs Attaché in Washington, DC, advocating on behalf of the province’s interests before Congress, the administration, and various departments and agencies. During his nine years with Quebec, he led numerous Congressional delegations to the province, regularly monitored/analyzed statutes and regulations, and developed an active outreach strategy to stakeholders in the capital. He worked on a wide portfolio of issues pertinent to the province including energy, climate change, homeland and border security, and transportation. Michael earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University.
Speaker: James Jack
James is overflowing with ideas and aspirations. Equipped with a unique ability to see how new technology trends may come together to benefit those in need. James has the foresight that is required to thrive in today’s technological sector. He is a natural problem solver who consistently overcomes all obstacles in his way. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, James started his first business after high school, and has been refining his entrepreneurial skills ever since.