Webinar: Ready, Fire, Aim! How Not to Choose a Donor Database

Who should attend? This session is designed for any nonprofit that is planning to acquire a new donor database or CRM, or for nonprofits that are vexed by why their current database isn’t meeting their needs.

What’s it about? Choosing a donor database or CRM can feel like planning a cross-country road trip without a map. There are many routes, and some of them can lead you astray. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect solution for your development department, or a CRM for your whole organization, you will need a strategic approach.

What will I learn?

  • Strategic ideas on how to choose a new CRM
  • Tips on how to prepare for your CRM search, make a decision, and then manage what comes after you make a choice
  • The fundamentals to support the selection process at your organization


About the Presenter

Robert Weiner is an independent consultant specializing in helping fundraisers make informed, strategic decisions about information technology. He has consulted with a wide variety of organizations, ranging from volunteer and grassroots organizations to international NGOs and major research universities. He is the co-host of TechSoup’s Databases and Software forum, a founding member of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals, and a frequent speaker on donor management systems and best practices in Development Operations.

Tracy Kronzak has more than 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and its related industries, including philanthropy, activism, research, technology management and consulting. She has a Master of Public Administration degree from New York University, and is a Salesforce.com Certified Administrator and Force.com Certified Developer. Tracy has been a frequent presenter on CRM implementation and technology strategy at venues including the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, Money for Our Movements, the San Francisco Foundation Center and the Nonprofit Boot Camp.