Webinar: People and Process (Part 2): Facilitation Skills for Cranking Up the Engagement

This webinar is the third of a 3 part series on: Building Community through Twitter Chats

Check out parts 1 and 2:

Join us for the third and final segment of our Twitter chat series and learn about how to facilitate in a way that builds camaraderies and cranks up the conversation. In this session, you’ll learn how to craft questions that bring out the best in the participants and create conversations that flow with creativity, innovation, and a desire to stay connected for whatever cause your community is focused on.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • the power of a simple RT (and how to increase its effectiveness)
  • to understand facilitating: The role of gatekeeper – maintaining the chat (and the community) as a safe, neutral environment for discussion
  • to practice the golden (social) rule: How to be sure the facilitation process models the behaviors we want to see in others


About the Presenter:

Hildy Gottlieb

Hildy is co-founder of Creating the Future, a nonprofit living laboratory for accelerating social change. Through her work with Creating the Future, Hildy co-founded the #NPCons twitter chat for consultants and coaches to community benefit organizations. Started in 2009, the NPCons chat grew from a sparsely attended chat to a fast-paced monthly discussion, facilitated by a team of trained volunteers – and routinely exceeding 500 tweets in an hour. In response to participants’ request for more time together, in 2011 the chat birthed a Facebook group where consultants from around the world actively engage – learning from each other and supporting each other every day.

In addition to her work as “Chief Boundary Pusher” at Creating the Future, Hildy is a TEDx speaker and the author of “The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing Nonprofit Organizations’ to Create the Future of Our World.”