Webinar: Older Adults & Technology – Best practices, recommendations, and future directions

In this interactive webinar, participants will be introduced to OATS & Senior Planet programs, methodology, and the technologies best suited for digital literacy instruction among older learners. Additional topics will cover the impacts of ageism and technology acceptance among older adults, creating social learning environments poised for successful tech adoption, and the implications for deploying digital literacy training in myriad settings.

Speaker: Alex Glazebrook
As Director of Technology & Training, Alex Glazebrook is responsible for ensuring an outstanding experience for the older adults who participate in the many training and support programs that OATS offers. Alex hires, assigns, and manages the team of OATS trainers who collectively deliver thousands of hours of live instruction to groups of seniors each year at dozens of program sites. In addition, Alex leads the organization’s efforts to identify and assess existing and emerging technology in order to determine its suitability for inclusion in OATS programming, and is charged with developing new technology-based channels through which OATS can deliver its services. Alex earned a BA and an MSW from Stony Brook University, specializing in healthcare and aging. He is now pursuing his PhD in social welfare policy from Stony Brook, with a focus on aging; investigating the many ways in which technology influences health outcomes for older adults. Prior to joining OATS, Alex had a brief stint in the financial services industry before finding his true calling aiding the underserved. When not at OATS, you can find Alex competing in marathons, caring for his temperamental English Bulldog, or contending with the rigors of academia.