Webinar: Networking (with people) for IT Professionals

In school, they teach you the rules for how to do math, and how to write, and that’s certainly important, but no one teaches you how to create and sustain professional relationships. Many technical professionals balk at networking (with people), because they have never been taught the “rules” of networking, like they were taught the rules of differential equations or network protocols. OK, so there aren’t really “rules,” people aren’t that predictable (“deterministic” for the serious techies), but you can learn behavior and perspectives that will help you to create rewarding professional relationships so that you can promote your projects, further your organization’s cause, live your mission, be of service, and enjoy friendships.

In this webinar, participants will learn about

  • Getting more meetings with important people
  • Starting and sustaining small talk that builds comfort and trust
  • Getting more of what you need by asking for it clearly.

About the Presenter

David Kaiser

David Kaiser, PhD, is an Executive Coach and Relationship Coach who helps clients to create extraordinary lives through discovering their mission, managing their time, building a personal brand, managing conflict, and creating strong relationships. He is certified by the International Coaching Federation, he holds a PhD from the University of Chicago and a BS from Georgetown. He is CEO of Dark Matter Consulting, a coaching and talent development firm based in Evanston, Illinois.