Webinar: Multichannel Campaign Best Practices and Success Stories

Part one of the Webinar Series: How to Get Campaign-Ready in 12 Months or Less: Your Roadmap to Multichannel Success.  Check out parts two and three:

Webinar: Multichannel Campaign Best Practices and Success Stories (5/1/13)

You see them in your inbox, on Facebook, even in the news sometimes. They’re campaign blockbusters– nonprofits whose campaigns went viral, raised ridiculous amounts of money, or generated a million petition signatures. (Oh, and your board would like one of them next week, ok? Thanks!) These super successes didn’t appear out of thin air. Organizations with successful campaigns typically spend many months (maybe even years) building a strong foundation first.

So how can you do the same — especially if your multichannel fundraising program is just getting started? Kick your program into high gear with a webinar series with strategists from Big Duck, Rachel Hope Allison and Meghan Teich. For years, Big Duck has used creative concepts and smart strategy to help nonprofits raise money and awareness through multichannel campaigns. And in this first part of a three-part series, we help you get inspired by multichannel best practices and success stories, as well as help you envision goals for your next multichannel campaign.

You’ll leave with…

  • New ideas inspired by what other nonprofits are doing
  • A sense of multichannel communications best practices and how they apply to your organization
  • A roadmap to get your organization multichannel campaign-ready–including what kinds of internal support and systems you’ll need
  • A clear set of goals, audiences, and desired actions for your first multichannel campaign
  • A list of resources that will help you make it happen and stay in-the-know


A few reasons why you should participate

  • “I have a healthy direct mail program, but haven’t really cultivated our online supporters.”
  • “We have a website and a few supporter email addresses, but we don’t send anything out regularly through email or social media.”
  • “Hundreds of people like us on Facebook, but we have no idea how and if we can raise money from them.”
  • “Donors can give through our website, but we lack a real plan for what to do once they give.”
  • “My board is after me to start raising more money online, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “Help! My board chair just discovered the word ‘viral’!”


About the Presenters:

Rachel Hope Allison- Senior Strategist with Big Duck
Rachel has helped nonprofits develop integrated fundraising and outreach campaigns, build online relationships and community, and sharpen their overall messaging and communications programs for the past decade.  Soon after graduating from Stanford, Rachel began working with leading online direct response firms, where she helped craft online campaigns for major international organizations.  She has given trainings at the New Organizing Institute and the Commonwealth Club, and has been a guest speaker at Sarah Durham’s Brandraising course at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Meghan Teich- Strategist with Big Duck
Meghan brings a passion for sparking social change on the internet. Most recently, she led the Digital Engagement Department at Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, testing innovative online organizing tactics and transforming IAVA into the social media powerhouse it is today. A graduate of Fordham University with a penchant for seeking out the latest shiny object online, she loves the challenge of pairing new tools and tactics with thoughtful strategies. She believes you really can change the world with the help of Facebook, and has worked with organizations who want to use social media to further their goals (whether it’s fundraising, advocacy, or recruitment). You can follow along with her at @ItsMeghanT.