Webinar: M+R Benchmarks 2019: New Perspectives on Digital Data

You know your own data inside and out, backwards and forwards, upside down and downside up. But expand the context, shift the perspective, tilt your head a little, and suddenly you see new patterns emerge.

That’s what the annual M+R Benchmarks Study is all about. Our in-depth annual review of digital data from 131 nonprofits will give you a new vantage point to explore what’s working, what’s trending, and what’s changing for online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing.

Join us for a review of this year’s Benchmarks, including email, web, and social media metrics. And digital ads. And Facebook Fundraisers. And some SMS stuff. There’s a lot!

Speaker: Will Valverde
Will Valverde, Vice President, doesn't think of himself as a numbers person. He loves clear, easy-to-understand data that will help drive strategy and creative (and he's more than happy to leave the heavy statistical lifting up to his razor-sharp, quantitatively gifted colleagues). Will has spent years helping major nonprofits develop memorable online advocacy and fundraising campaigns, with a special focus on creative engagement. He leads online strategy for groups like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Smithsonian Institution, and Mozilla Foundation.