Webinar: Mapping Digital Inclusion Assets & Resources

Communities often share the same dilemma: though there are many places and programs doing their part to strengthen the digital inclusion ecosystem, information about their efforts is decentralized for residents. With a good inventory of training sessions, free WiFi locations, hardware resources, and public computing centers, residents can fully leverage local assets that already exist. In addition, practitioners can use that information to see where there might be resource gaps.

This session will provide an overview of different cases and approaches for collecting and sharing information on local public technology resources. No mapping or data collection experience is needed.

Speaker: Denise Linn
Denise Linn is a Program Analyst for the Smart Chicago Collaborative. She manages multi-partner, citywide initiatives like the Connect Chicago and the Chicago School of Data. Her professional experience thus far has revolved around closing the digital divide, increasing broadband competition, and implementing city-level Internet access projects. In 2015, she published “A Data-Driven Digital Inclusion Strategy for Gigabit Cities” and co-wrote the “Next Generation Network Connectivity Handbook.” She previously worked at the Federal Communications Commission and is also an AmeriCorps VISTA alumna. You can follow her work on Twitter @dklinn, LinkedIn, and Slideshare.