Webinar: Making the Switch: Planning for Success in Platform Selection Projects

Problems This Training Will Help You Address

  • Need more insight on how to prepare your team for a selection project– who to involve, how long will it take, how to make a clear plan
  • Identifying risks in making a major operational change
  • Not sure how to assess your needs prior picking a tool
  • Not sure what is included in implementing a new tool or platform

There are times when it becomes clear your current tech solutions just aren’t meeting your needs. You know it is time to make a switch to something new but are unsure what that process or type of project might look like.

In this webinar, we will cover some key considerations to work through in order to set your team up for a successful selection project. Join us as we walk through planning, tool evaluation, and implementation with an eye toward setting your goals and identifying risks. Everything from assessing your true needs, to how to evaluate your options in an objective way and start managing your team from the planning phases. Make the most of your next transition project rather than just going after “anything other than what we have.”

Speaker: Eleanor Hyde
Speaker: Trang Ly
Speaker: Chelsea Jupin